Open document title in combination with lookup

  • 15 January 2024
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Is it possible to change the name of the item in an open document to match the name of the table in combination with the lookup? As depicted in the screenshot below, we have multiple open documents, but it is not clear which document is the correct one.



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6 replies

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This would be very useful!

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Can someone help me with this?

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Hey, to me it looks like this simply copies the breadcrumb value:

So I would think this can be tweaked using the Display look-up column setting in Subjects. Did not test this though but it's worth a try!

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Hi Mark,

I have filled the look up value in subjects. But this does not change the way it is displayed in open documents. I would like to see the following in specific situations:


So in open documents the name of the opened document + the look up of the document that is open.

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There is an open idea on this subject. 

I would love to see the open document show contextual information.



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Since there is already an idea regarding this topic, I will close your question. Any updates on this will be mentioned in the idea.