Not all elements of a radio button are shown in Universal GUI

  • 1 September 2022
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We have a problem using radio buttons. We want to show it on a FORM in Universal GUI, but only the first 2 options are shown.

- domain created with 6 elements (data type INT)
- table field added with this domain
- created screen with FORM element on it

When displayed in the Windows GUI, all 6 elements are displayed.
When displayed in the Universal GUI, only the first 2 elements are shown. When "playing" with the size of the screen (responsive) in the browser, the position of the field does shift and the distance between the 2 radio button options, but consistently only the first 2 elements are shown.

Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this so we can fix it?


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Hi Marc,


Can you increase "Field height in positions"?

I think that would solve the problem.


Kind regards,

Leroy Witteveen 

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Hello Leroy


Adjusting the ‘Field height’ does give a chance, but not the sollution I'm looking for.

After adjusting the height (to 3, with 2 the lower part is cut off) I get:

What I like to achive is something like this:

So all the options in 1 row.

I have to ask a couple questions, with radio buttons as possible answer.

If all the answer are placed on 1 row, we achive a “grid like" set of questions with a much better overview for our users.

Besides, the way the Universal GUI presents the answers at the moment is confusing for the user, because now he has to “read” per line for the correct order (Onbekend, Goed, Voldoende, Matig, Slecht, Nvt).


In the Windows GUI I get the desired result.

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Hi Marc,

unfortunately what you want is not possible right now in the Universal GUI. Can you create an idea for this?

Kind regards,

Tim de Lang

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We're currently having the same problem. We would to organise our radio buttons like this:

@Marc Ferket Would you still like to open a new idea?