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  • 30 March 2024
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The reality in Brasil is that people work everytime more on laptops, but most laptops have a very dramtic screen resolution due to the costs of technology here. 

Standard resolution is 1360 x 768 or sometimes even lower. 

On this resolution you have not a lot of space, and there fore we usually use a grid with details. 


That means that every time you want to have a look on another subject you have to go back to the grid and select another. 

Therefor I think it would be very usefull to have action buttons “next” and “previous” that would select the next and previous item of the active context. 

What is the best way to deal with this situation?


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Hi Tiago,

That is unfortunate, such a resolution bring some challenges with it. One solution I can think of is having navigation tasks in every subject that has details with which a process flow doing: Start table task > Activate detail based on the position of the screen. Could be all dynamically generated so if detail order changes, the tasks van flows change as well; does require that your users cannot hide any details using User preferences.

For the dynamic part I would think something like this:

  • Create non logic tasks which a determined unique name (max 128 characters)
    • One for next, one for back
  • Create table tasks links to the tables
  • Create a process flow, two process actions, and process steps
  • Preferably, Create role(s) with rights for usage

But your idea could be better solves with a more suitable solution. The above described solution is a bit convoluted. Feel free to create an idea for this. I do think an arrow button could be a welcome addition for easily navigating between details 😄

Edit, idea here: Navigation buttons "previous" "next" for details | Thinkwise Community (

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We wanted the same and a part has been build by a Thinkwise consultant, according to the idea of Mark Jongeling, but it is still more or less impossible to assign useful keys. 

The last is not a fault of Thinkwise, web browsers tend to capture keys for their own purpose, and that can make it difficult to use a key combination the user understands, and works in all browsers.

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But we would actually want to have the same…

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But we would actually want to have the same…

Search no further 😄: Navigation buttons "previous" "next" for details | Thinkwise Community (

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Hi Mark,

To comment on one thing, you said “I do think an arrow button could be a welcome addition for easily navigating between details”. That is not going to work as the arrow button is already used in the multiline text controls. The tab button is also not going to work as it should be used to navigate between the controls on one page.

I think that the only solution, which is clear to users, would be page up / page down.


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Hey Daan,

I meant these arrow buttons as seen in the Windows GUI:


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Ow 😥, I was really hoping for a keyboard solution (which should be possible in the new version, but just a limited set of keys). It is actually a difference between modern web based applications and old “dos screen like” applications…. some things have become less efficient. In our interface people enter values in an EAV table, which can be different for different people. At this moment they have to do a mouse click for each value with possibly a comment. I’m looking for ways to optimize that ...