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  • 19 October 2021
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Is there an option to have a mulitselect lookup? I have a task where a user can select values in a lookup. I want to give the user the possibility to select multiple values in the lookup field.

Is this possible in TW?





Best answer by Mark Jongeling 3 November 2021, 16:03

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4 replies

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A lookup is always a 1 on 1 relation, so this is not possible. Is there a limited set of options they can select or can they select all values? If so, how many options are there to choose from?

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They can select all values linked to that item. In this case there are attachments linked to an email that the user can select. The user can select 1 attachment and it will be added to a list of attachments that the user is going the send.

I want to select multiple attachments so the list can be completed at once, instead of selecting the attachments one by one in the lookup. 

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It would be more handy to do this in either a separate screen or with Task logic in combination with multirow task execution. Like Erwin said, lookups are meant for a 1-on-1 relation and cannot be used for this.

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Thanks. I have now created a new screen indeed for this.