Migrate users and roles from iam to iam

  • 4 October 2022
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We have a UAT construction where we have been testing with a client for a while. All users and roles and settings are set here. Now we want to move from UAT to a production server. 

Can I easily export ALL (selected) users and roles/groups for this from my UAT IAM Db to my prod IAM Db? Or do I have to do by hand? 

Or any other thoughts on how to do this with mimimum work.. :) 



Best answer by Erwin Ekkel 4 October 2022, 14:21

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3 replies

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Yes, this will work I guess. In a way. Problem is that moving data between a VM db and an Azure Db is not super easy click-and-go. 

And ‘Export’ function, and ‘Import’ would be a nice-to-have, all in a wizard-like system. 
But we will create a small script for this so we can do this like described. 



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Hi Alex,

Did Erwin's reply help you out? Feel free to create an idea for the migration of different data between IAM's.

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Two things come to mind: 

The quickest way is probably to Copy the entire IAM and just rename the application and database name, but this is tricky on a production environment. 
You could also use the build in tasks to copy a user/usergroup. from one db to another. By copying and amending the stored procedure and add dbname.dbo.[table] to the insert statements and run it from SSMS. You must also add the server to do this, or put a temporary copy of the IAM database on production to avoid having to copy between two servers.