Microsoft Edge Webview2 EDGE_USER_DATA_DIR

  • 4 August 2022
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It looks like with the new Microsoft Edge Webview2 implementation in the windows GUI the cache directory (which is used by the Microsoft Edge Webview2) is set to a subdirectory of the client installation directory.

Can this be manipulated so that it will use the result of a local variable like %TEMP% or something alike?

Currently when using Citrix (and our development environment also) this is a shared directory by all users using the same installation.

rgds Ricky


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2 replies

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This is currently not possible. Feel free to create an idea for this in the ideas section. 

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This was always configureable with the global extended properties - but not working due to a bug which is fixed in this hotfix: 🚀 Platform improvements for week 34 | Thinkwise Community ( The caveat here is that the problem and solution mentioned in the hotfix does not cover the complete consequence of the bug. The actual bug is that none of the global extended properties were read/executed/used.