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  • 4 September 2023
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I can't figure out when and how universal (or Android/Apple for that matter) “sees” there is a new version of the universal GUI installed on the webserver.

I tried several things and sometimes I got it to work, but no clue when and how the message “a new version is available” is shown after logging on the the universal app. Changing 

Changed installNotificationExpirationInDays to various numbers.

My settings in config.json


  "defaultApplication": "something_portal",
  "defaultPlatform": 3,
  "loginOptionsDisabled": true,
  "loginOptionsHidden": true,
  "installNotificationDisabled": false,
  "installNotificationExpirationInDays": 20,
  "useFormFieldBackgroundColor": true,
  "serviceUrl": "*****/iam/iam"


Anybody an idea how to “force” the installation on the device?


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Hi Henri,

In this topic we explained more about the Install on PWA's: 

The "A new version is available” I believe should trigger if the Universal GUI was indeed replaced on the webserver, and/or the user tries to interact with the application.

Forcing an installation is not possible to my knowledge, the user will always have to press the install button.

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I found this idea about the forcing an installation of an updated version:

Force Universal GUI updated version to the Users on Login (

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@htimmermans it seems you are mixing up two things:

  • The Install notification settings in the config.json have to do with whether and how long the ‘Install app’ notification is (not) shown, which is basically a means to pin a website (PWA) as sort of regular app on your device. There is no Thinkwise solution to force this kind of install, but perhaps it could be done via MDM kind of solutions.
  • The Update now notification is triggered in a couple of scenarios:
  1. There is a difference between the Universal GUI version on the server versus the browser cache. This is usually evaluated right after user login, but could also occur during a user’s session.
  2. There has been a change in the IAM Application version during the current user’s session.
  3. There has been a change in the IAM rights for the user during the current user’s session. Note that this also happens when using Simulate user.

Especially on the first Update now scenario there should be an automatic update of the Universal GUI version, without the user having to click on Update now, which is why the previously mentioned Idea was raised.

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@htimmermans  did Arie or Mark's answers help you out? if so please select one of the answers as best answer.