Indicium Universal migration from Indicium Basic

  • 12 November 2020
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Hey everyone,

I would like to migrate from the Basic Indicium to the Universal Indicium. I am currently using the Basic Indicium for interfacing with another system through the web. Does the Universal Indicium support the full API interfacing features which the Basic Indicium supports? And are there any differences between those 2 types of Indicium that I should take into consideration when switching from the Basic to the Universal Indicium?


Best answer by Anne Buit 19 November 2020, 12:25

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Hi Arjan,

There are a few scenarios that have been implemented differently in Indicium Universal. I’ll try to highlight the most important changes here.

Operations (API-exposed procedures and functions) should work exactly the same.

Direct inserts, updates on entities and direct executions of task and report will behave like an end user fills in in all the provided fields in the order they are provided in the JSON body, calling default logic and verifying model, rights, layout access type and look-up acces for every provided value.

This is the most important change. You can no longer ingore model access types, ‘skip’ default and layout logic or evade look-up validation. As a result, defaults and layouts on entities are no longer exposed as an API.

There is a wealth of new API features available, but this is probably not relevant when switching from Indicium (basic) to Indicium Universal.

The best way to check for any discrepancies is to test the API calls via Postman or Insomnia on both API’s. They can run parallel on the same environment.