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  • 22 June 2022
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Hi all,

I am trying to import data using a excel sheet in Universal GUI, but am running into a problem where the existing records won’t update. Context: importing data in a detail screen.

Steps taken:

  1. export data using option “Export immediately”
  2. changing some fields in excel > save excel sheet
  3. import using the “Import (update existing rows)” option. 

Also noticed that it doesn’t update but rather add the rows again.
Please help! Thanks

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4 replies

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According to the Release notes for Universal GUI version 2022.1.11, there should be an option to Update existing rows: 

Which GUI version are you using at this moment?

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I am currently using GUI version 2022.1.13

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Are you importing in a Main screen of a Detail screen? From a colleague I have understood that there is/was a bug when importing data into a Detail screen.

I do recommend checking using both the latest Indicium and Universal GUI versions. Our Indicium team did solve an issue surrounding the import functionality.

The changes you made in the export file, did you change any of the Primary key columns; or does the subject you want to Import not have an unique Primary key? -This can occur when using views for example.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @kensonlatchmansing,

Has this been resolved or do you need more help?