Images are not displaying evenly in the grid and preview screen component

  • 9 June 2022
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Uploaded images are displaying unevenly based on its resolution. Do we have any option to make it fit to size? 


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 20 June 2022, 15:44

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4 replies

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Hi Usha,

That is not possible I'm afraid. Feel free to create an idea for this although it can be quite complex, because what is the "right” size? 

The preview component should auto-resize/fit to size by default.

Alternatively you can call a webservice API to crop uploaded images to be shown in the grid.

Are you asking this for the Windows/Web GUI or the Universal GUI? The picture is of a Windows/Web GUI but you added a tag with the value Universal GUI, hence my question.

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Yes Mark, i would definitely try searching online for some API solutions. 

Preview component is showing the images as it is without editing, but we expected there would be some way it will stretch or shrink the image so that it would look fit to the preview screen. Now i understood that, it can be done with the help of APIs but not through SF. 

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Thanks for your reply Mark.

I understand its complexity from your explanation. Are there any example or previous answers of how can we use webservice API to crop the uploaded images?

I had raised this question for both Universal and Web GUI, and the picture i have attached is from Universal GUI. Same thing happens in Web GUI too but picture is not attached.

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A quick search on a search engine would bring multiple options. Some parties offers an free API for couple of requests a day, but I'm not recommending any party as we're not affiliated with any party. I wouldn't want to recommend an API that is not safe.

I think it might be more handy to preview the image in the Preview component. This component will automatically show a resized version of the image without cropping/stretching/editing the image which may lead to irreversible damage to the image.