Hyperlink in panel not working but is working in popup?

  • 9 April 2021
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I have a message with some html (hyperlink) in it for more explanation about a certain (complex) subject. However, it does work in the popup but not in the panel below, why?



Best answer by Mark Jongeling 9 April 2021, 15:21

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3 replies

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Hi René,

That is a limitation of the component. We are not able to show Hyperlinks in the information panel.

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Hi @René W , can you please explain how you were able to create the hyperlink in the message ?

For some reason my A HREF is just interpreted as text and now converted to an hyperlink 🤔

Currently using:


SET @url = CONCAT('<text>'
,'<a href="" target="_blank">MyLink</a>'

EXEC tsf_send_message 'URLtest', @url, 0;

Created message:


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Hi @C. Lousberg ,

It looks like the Web GUI does support hyperlinks inside pop-up messages. The Windows GUI does not to my knowledge.