Http connector not working in universal GUI

  • 4 November 2021
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I am implementing a http_connector process action which works perfect in the windows GUI but seems to do nothing in the universal GUI.
Its a simple call to ( url:

Indicium_universal is hosted in an azure webapp

I've attached some images of relevant settings as well as gifs of both universal and windows results.

http connector input settings


Process flow design
windows gui succes


Universal Gui Fail




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Hi Anne,

What version of the Universal GUI and Indicium are you running? Do you run Universal GUI on SF or via IAM? In that case, be sure the model and database are up-to-date.

Can Indicium reach that website? Maybe a firewall is blocking the connection. You could check the log for that.

How is the translation of the message structured? Is the process flow choosing the correct path?

Just a couple of questions :wink:

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Universal and Indicium are the following files from tcp:
20211015_Incentro International B.V._Universal GUI_2021.3.11-b1

20211028_Incentro International B.V._Indicium (Universal)_2021.3.12

I am using the SF model. 
What would a firewall error look like so i can ctrl+f in the logs.

translation of message

The translation of the messages works as follows the contents of the joke are assigned to process variables and and injected with {} into the message. The process flow is choosing the correct path in windows GUI not in universal since the response of the api call response is empty it does not set @type_of_joke and just follows both paths

decision code


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Ive fixed the decision it seems it was a problem with a renamed variable that i forgot to change.

I am still not getting the process_variables into the message

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Hi Anne,

This looks to be an Universal GUI bug. The teams knows about it and will fix it in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.