How to schedule a process flow?

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I am trying to simply execute a task, without parameters with a process flow every hour.





Indicium Universal (2020.2.2) is running, but I don't see any activity.

The version of IAM is 2020.1 and al hotfixes are done.


Could someone explain, step by step, what to do? 



Best answer by Harm Horstman 22 July 2022, 14:25

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Hi Mark,

Indicium is running fine, but I am using version 2021.2. I could upgrade Indicium to a newer version, but cannot upgrade IAM now.



Do you think upgrade of Indicium will help?

What is the highest version of Indicum (Universal) that is compatible with IAM version 2021.2?

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The latest version (2022.2.10.1) of Indicium (Universal) supports 2021.2 as well as newer versions.

But is the system flow schedule now active? A newer version of Indicium won't help in that regard. Once the schedule is active, Indicium should run the system flow successfully. If not, the error log should provide some clarification to why it is not running as intended.

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Yes! Finally the solution is found. Thanks Mark.

Just for anyone who needs to schedule a stored procedure:

1.  Create this very simple process flow



2. With a schedule

Set the schedule as default

3.  Assign a Control Procedure / Template to the decision node