How to disable the multi-row selection feature in a screen?

  • 26 March 2019
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In a grid screen of a table.
I have different tasks to start, depending on the type of record that is selected.

So multi-row is not wanted here. Is there a possibility to set the screen of this table or variant to single-row selection?

Best answer by Vincent Doppenberg 26 March 2019, 17:31

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Yes, it is possible to turn off multi-row selection per table variant, but it requires a custom made model extender. We are working on moving all model extenders to the Software Factory, but we haven't gotten around to moving this one to the SF yet. You can request a custom made model extender via your contact at Thinkwise.
Hello Vincent,

Thank you for your answer, I will take contact.
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@Vincent Doppenberg, When can we expect this new feature?
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Moving this setting to the SF is added to our priority product backlog, which means it will be implemented in one of the first following iterations. We will inform you when the feature is done and how to implement this in your end product.

A Software Factory hotfix is required for this to make the feature work. The hotfix will become available once this feature is supported by our GUI's.
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@Harm Horstman This has actually been available since the 2019.1 release of the Software Factory. The extender can be enabled the same way as the other SF extenders by going to Full model → Extenders and adding a new extender of type “disable_multirow_select”.

Entering a table name in the table property will disable multirow select for that table. To do the same for a variant, a table name and variant name must both be specified.

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Hi @Peter Verwijs,

From the above you mentioned just to be clear on how to disable the multirow select.

I need to create an Extender for each table/ table variant ? or a single one having in the properties a list of tables/ table variants?

  1. Should I name the single extender as disable_multirow_select screenshot 1 below and put a list of tables / table variants in screenshot 2 ? If yes, should they be delimited by ‘,’ comma, semicolon ‘;’ ?
  2. OR Should I create an Extender with extender value as each of my Table/ table variant and add the same in the Extender properties.


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Hi @mperrott ,

This extender is per table (variant), meaning if you want to disable the multi select for 10 tables and/or variants, you'll have to create 10 disable_multirow_select extenders. The name (Extender) you can freely name.

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Hi @Mark Jongeling ,


Thank you for the information.