How to create keyboard shortcuts to execute a task?

  • 13 November 2021
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Is there a way I can set a keyboard shortcut to execute a (specific) task so that I don't have to use the touchscreen in the Universal GUI? 

Thank you very much.

7 replies

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Hi Rolf,

I'm not sure if keyboard shortcuts already are supported or going to be supported as I don't see it on the Roadmap for Universal GUI. In the Feature matrix I see they are working on shortcuts but that could be other functionality than for Tasks

In the Software factory > Tasks screen you can set shortcuts for Tasks. If it would work, this is the way of setting the shortcut.

I've created two tasks and I can't seem to get this to flow smoothly without requiring any user action.

The first task consists of several fields, including the Barcode parameter and the fields for quantity, THT, etc. However, I want to execute the task by a process procedure / default and otherwise a keybind.

At this point, the Decision checks whether the barcode has been entered and then calls the HTTP connector. When best before date, number, etc. have been entered manually, the Decision will immediately lead to the second task where those fields are mandatory.

I can somewhat simplify the process by means of layouts, but it remains fairly stiff.

The end user works with thick gloves at 30 degrees below zero and for that reason we want to avoid the touchscreen as much as possible.

Do you have a solution for this, without the user having to press tab 100x.

Thank you very much, Rolf

Detail flow:

I've also tried the following 


Is it an option to place the http connector in a subflow and then call it in a default in the main flow?
The content of the http connector is then equal to the input subflow.

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It’s not possible to call a subflow from a default. Can you explain the problem you are trying to solve. I understand you want as little human interaction as possible. But I’m not quite sure what the main issue is here.   

@Erwin Ekkel Thanks for your response.

Is it possible to execute a task in a Default that trigger a process flow, in which the parameters are hidden and the task is after Start?

The user will scan a pallet (sticker 1) and various barcodes. Those barcodes are deciphered in our AWS environment and the JSON response is parsed and we want to see the values ​​on the screen, with as little user interaction as possible.



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Process flows can not be triggered from a default. You can create a loop in the process flow to scan multiple barcode’s. Perhaps it would be best to create a seperate task scan barcode. And for each entry add a barcode in a temp table. Then when the last barcode is scanned you cancel the task triggering the main task and the barcode’s are shown in the barcodes field, getting data from the temp table.