How can we monitor the Token requests send out via Indicium (Forgot Password & 2FA) ?

  • 19 February 2021
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As title says, How can we monitor the Token Requests send out to users via Indicium for the Forgot Password, the 2 Factor Authentication or any other place we send tokens out?

We have users that complain they have not received the token when on either of the 2 pages in question. Indeed we do have an email send out in SendGrid but since I cannot see the content I can only speculate.

Is there a table that tracks the Token requests, Timeouts, Requested User, Request Date Time, Send date time, Expiration of request, Expiration of Token?

Any information would be very helpful to track if there are missing tokens not send, or it is due to user not using the token quick enough, timeout issue, so that we can increase it.

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Hello mperrot,

IAM has a Two-factor log screen where at least the sent two factor tokens should be logged. I noticed that Indicium did not write entries to this log yet whenever a two factor token was sent, but this has been corrected for the upcoming 2021.1.16 release, which will be available at the start of next week.


IAM does not have a log for password reset and totp reset tokens, but for now we have decided that we will log password reset and totp reset tokens in the same way as two-factor tokens. This means that as of 2021.1.16, these sent tokens will also be shown in the Two-factor log, but they will be shown like this:


In the future we will make the Two-factor log screen more generic, allowing you to distinguish between two-factor tokens, password reset tokens and totp reset tokens.

Please check the Two-factor log screen to see if this meets your requirements. If not, you can leave suggestions here, or better yet, create an Idea for them.

I hope this helps