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  • 5 October 2022
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In the windows GUI the horizontal scroll bar seems to be tied to Zoom in/out (ctrl+up/down) instead of Side scroll. Mouses with extra scrollwheels make side scrolling a lot easier, but to benefit the user would need to change the scroll wheel from side scroll to zoom, losing that functionality in every other program.

Universal does work as expected on a mouse with a side scroll wheel.


Is there any way to change this behaviour? Thanks in advance.


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4 replies

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Hi Guido,

I cannot replicate the behavior ("Zoom in/out (ctrl+up/down)”) you are specifying inside the Windows GUI. It does look like that side scrolling indeed doesn't work.

Considering your users do have to scroll horizontally, could it be a good alternative to show less columns in the grid, or make them less wide? I understand in some circumstances it's intended though, we also do that in the Software Factory.

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Hi @Guido Bijl, did my reply help you out? Looking forward hearing from you.

Not really, i was hoping for something or a workaround or something. Showing less info is not an option in this case.


The zoom function is ctrl+ mouse wheel up/down by the way, I didn't specify that clear enough. And to me that seems illogical to assign to side scrolling.

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Changing the GUI behavior of short keys and/or mouse wheel behavior is not possible. I don't think we'll make this configurable. 

Having side-wheel support would be very nice to have. Feel free to create ideas for these situations 😄