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  • 2 April 2021
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For a console / touch screenapplication, I wish to deliver a full screen solution.

Just one screen, which opens on startup, without menu, without ribbon.

Would that be possible?


4 replies

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Hi Harm,

You can create a new user in IAM and can set up the User preferences for that user to collapse the Menu and Ribbon. In addition, you can set a Start object for that User to open that particular screen. 

IAM → Users → User preferences → Global
IAM → Users → User preferences → Start objects

Would that suffice?


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@Harm Horstman Did my previous answer suffice?

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Not 100%, because for this scenario a full screen mode is desired, without any unnecessary components such as ribbons, menus and application window. 

More or less like what F11 does with webapplications.

The reason for this is to make the application 'idiot’ proof and have maximum screen available, especialy for a single screen user interface which will be used on touch screen terminals.

Like below.



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I see, Currently the WinWeb GUI's will always show a menu and a ribbon. Removing these components is not possible. You are able to enlarge the data, tasks buttons and more.

The Universal GUI is the closest to the desired One screen application as you can get as there's no ribbon. But the GUI currently does not support resizing of buttons.

I suggest making an idea for it and the we can see how many others are also wishing for this. You will have my vote :wink: