Drag and drop records never calls the task

  • 17 June 2022
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We are trying to implement dragging and dropping of records in a view to change the order of the records.
This particular view has 2 primary keys:

  • slaughterherd_id
  • supplyherd_id

As per:

In tasks I've created a task and added 4 task parameters:

I added the task to the appropriate view and filled the first 2 task parameters:

In Subjects I set the following:

In functionality I added an empty template to the task as I'm not yet looking at executing the task itself. I just want to see the dialog.

When I perform a drag in the view it looks like dragging but the dialog is never shown.
I thought to be clever and added an empty DEFAULT to the task to see in the DEBUG if that got fired. But it doesn't….

We are a bit lost what could be wrong. In our first attempt earlier this morning we dit get the dialog to show up. We started experimenting on how we can detect the id of the record we drop onto and during that process the dialog just stopped working :(

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2 replies

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For as far as I can see it looks like it should work just fine. Is this for the Windows/Web GUI or Universal GUI? Could you also make sure the option "Drag rows” is on (if Windows GUI)?


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Hi @Alban_T,

Still need help with this or has it been resolved?