Does the Web GUI support external authentication (Microsoft) for SSO 0365 ?

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I’m searching about enabling SSO with O365 Microssoft on the Web GUI in Azure.

I have already enabled the same on our Universal Projects and works like a charm.

  1. Is the SSO with an external authenticator supported ? From the answer in comments on this question It implies that it is supported: 


  2. What settings do I need to place and in which location for enabling the SSO with an external authenticator ?


All anwers are welcome :) 


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I had asked similar question in a support ticket and the answer was:

  1. Create users with their email address also as the user_id
  2. Set the authentication type to external
  3. Create the users on the IAM db whiles using the following command

Is there a different way to integrate similar to Indicium SSO ?

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Hello mperrot,

For the Web GUI, Jasper’s answer in the post that you have linked still applies. The Web GUI only support SSO by means of ADFS. For Indicium we have since implemented support for external Identity Providers through OpenID, which is what you are using in your Universal projects, but this has not been done for the Web GUI.