Disable the PWA installation option (part deux)

  • 28 June 2024
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In an earlier post I asked how to disable the installation as PWA option for an end-user and implemented the solution using the config.json en custom.css entries. This seemed to work (and does work when opening the solution in a private browser window). For several users that have been using our solution while this option was available, the installation option doesn’t seem to want to hide. We have them clear the browser cache with no effect. Also restarting the App Service (Azure) didn’t seem to solve the issue.

Is there some other location where this information is stored and/or can be cleared?


Best answer by Mark Jongeling 8 July 2024, 10:39

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6 replies

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Hi Robert,

I asked around but this will have to be looked into. I feel we an better provide a way to prevent the PWA installation entirely from within the GUI code rather than having to write custom.css, but I'll leave that up to the team. Could you create a ticket for this in TCP?

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Hi Mark,

Sounds like a better solution. I will create a ticket for it...

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Hello Robert,

Just to make sure, are the users clearing the cache using the clear cache button on the Universal login screen? This will only clear the application cache for the GUI and will not do a full browser cache clear. Pressing Ctrl + F5 or if that doesn’t work deleting browsing data (Ctrl + Shift + Del on most browsers) should clear the browser cache.

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@Robert Wijn 2 To clarify a few things:

  • Would disabling the Notification in the top and hiding this ‘Install app’ option suffice for you? I believe users could still use the browser suggestion to install as PWA:


If you would like to have a robust solution to entirely prevent the ability for a user to install it as an App, please raise an Idea for this. 

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the advice. We had the customers clear the whole cache using the browser settings. For us there is no Universal login screen due to the use of an external OpenID Provider and ditto provider hint to automatically choose this one when accessing the solution url.


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Hi Arie,

For us the most relevant option to remove is the one from the menu (CSS cache) as it is part of the solution. It would be nice to also have the browser indicator be hidden, but for this one it is easier to “blame” the browser.

I fear that our use case for not being able to use PWA with our German authentication provider is to specific to post the robust solution as an idea, but I will let the customer determine the importance of the browser indicator. So it might pop-up in the near future anyway 🤔

I hope the first one does get implemented with the “Force Universal update etc...”