Difference analysis for 1 branch with different Model Versions

  • 1 June 2023
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Sometimes I check the Model Compare to see what happened in our development time. 

Yesterday we had a little bug on 1 specific screen. To debug this and only merges where executed, changes should be minor. So I expected something minor. To find all the changes between previous Model Version and current deployed, I tried finding an Compare option in SF. 

I expected something where I select my MAIN branch and use a Task like 'Compare branch MAIN; X Model Version against Y Model version’ - to see what changes where actually deployed. But I can only compare between different Branches. 

I thought this used to be possible before, but I can't find it. In a way it also feels nice to check what features/fixes have been merged, so I can generate a release note fairly easy. 


Is there a quick way to check all the changes in 1 branch, between two points in time? 


If not, it might be useful? 






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Hi Blommetje,

You can use the Revert branch task on the Model overview > Branches screen. In the task you can specify the model version or point-in-time to which you would like to revert. It is also possible to review the changes between them as reverting essentially is a merge session. In the merge session's delta actions, all differences are listed.

Hope this helps!