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Is it possible to change the database value from 0, 1, 2 etc to strings as shown below: I have tried it and i get an error at "Execute source code”



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That should be no problem. Could it be that this domain was of a Numeric data type beforehand and later changed? It could be that you haven't done an upgrade of your end product yet, thus the domain is still a numeric on the database. 

That is the issue:

So i should make a new domain with the Nvarchar type and give the database values sting values from start?

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To confirm, was the Upgrade step selected as to be executed?

If not, this probably is due to Upgrading your end product database before this change but then not continuing working in a next version. This causes the Software Factory to skip the "Upgrade” step of the Execute source code process as the Upgrade already took place; the end product database has been upgraded to the project version which you are working in. After every Upgrade, make sure to work in a new/next version of your project.

Copy your current project version to a new version and continue working in the new version. In here, create a new domain (and elements) to migrate this "broken” domain. Hope this helps!

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Hi, Any update on this?