Creating a new RELEASE branch

  • 2 April 2024
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So we want to implement branches as described in this article:

Manage branches with Thinkwise | Thinkwise Community (

And the automatically protected branch names:,Protect%20a%20branch%E2%80%8B,remove%20protection%20as%20needed.,-You%20can%20recognize

In our current situation, we have feature branches with origin DEVELOP, with origin MAIN. How can we create a branch RELEASE between DEVELOP and MAIN?

Let’s say we roll-up all our branches back to the main and archive them.  Then we can create a RELEASE branch from the main, but then we can’t create a branch named DEVELOP from the release branch, since there is already a archived branch DEVELOP. And we can’t rename it either.

Some advice?


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Hi Dave,

Current way to do this is to merge Develop to MAIN, make Develop not protected and delete it. Thereafter create the desired branch structure from starting MAIN. For example: MAIN > RELEASE > DEVELOP (This branch will actually still contain old history data because history data is not cleaned after deleting a branch)

(Renaming model and branches is currently not possible due to all underlying history tables)