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  • 29 September 2022
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My goal is to have the end user create a planning schedule.

Currently we have this in legacy; 

Here we see some values like year and start date etc, which is not the problem. 

The middle is the info entered; here stat 2 of may, with a Day shift (first green cel) and so forth. 

The lower part, where number of weeks (3 in this case) is displayed, and the 7 days for each week. 


I'm thinking of creating a process flow that will take the user through these steps. 
→ Create a Rotation (year, description)

→ Select number of weeks (lookup from table - can range between 1 and 52)

→ Select a shift PER day PER week (lookup from shift table (morning/day/night)

→ Save 


Point 3 is my problem, display number of weeks on runtime in the task, and a lookup per day/week.

Can I display a 'table’ where a user can select these shifts per day, AND insert that in the Db/ 


It does not need to look like this, but some advice on how to achieve something similair like this would be very welcome. 

The colorful result will be created later in a View, where i'll show the info for the selected Rotation and some conditional layout; it's for a later concern). 

Much appreciated! 




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Hi Alex,

Can I display a 'table’ where a user can select these shifts per day, AND insert that in the Db?

That is not really possible. Inside a Task parameter, normally only a single value is inserted. To have multiple values you either need to combine them using something like Multirow task execution.

I think a Process flow can certainly help with this, by guiding the user in inserting/selecting data step by step. Step 3 could be a new screen that can only be opened via the Process flow. This screen holds the desired dates which the user may choose from. 

Could that be a good alternative?

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Hey Alex, did my reply help out? Looking forward hearing from you.

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Hi Mark, 

I think have done it slightly different, but very happy with the outcome. 

I have made a table with a form - insert amount of weeks (eg.6). With a handler I insert 6 rows for this Rotation. 

In this edit-in-grid the user can select Shift from the Shift-table. 

When all weeks/days have the shift that is needed, there is a task that will calculate all Shifts per weeks for the running period of the Rotation. (insert in different/final table). And a PF to jump to that table, to display; Something like this; 

Works ok. 

Only downside is that in Universal this all looks way too big. In Web gui I can fit everything on my screen (whole month) in Universal the last 10 days or so are in a horizontal scroll. 
There is no way to make universal ‘smaller’? Font size? Whatever. It’s hard to fit a lot of rows in that gui… 

But this is a pretty good outcome!


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Looks awesome Alex! Great you got it working.