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  • 18 January 2022
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I would like to insert the signature from a customer in a shipping document, made in Chrystal Report.
Our company truckdriver is using a application in Universal GUI on his tablet to follow his route for the day and receiving a signature after delivering the goods. The signature is saved as a .png, Inserting it as a picture on the shipping document results in a black square. When I convert the signature to a .JPEG it shows the signature fine. 
Is there a direct way to save the signature as a .JPEG ?

5 replies

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Hi Peter,

The Thinkwise platform does not offer an option to convert images, but you can convert the image with an external service by using a system of process flow. An alternative would be to use a DevExpress report instead of Crystal Reports, as it does support transparent PNGs.


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I received this answer by email but I can't find it in this Q & C. I would like to see this example because it seems that's what i'm searching for...


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The email above suggests to save the signature in the database. How do I do that ? The input-field on the tablet has a domain with control “signature” and this saves the signature-picture on a chosen location...

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My reply was on a different topic but I accidentally posted it here I did not know it was also appropriate for this topic, so I had it deleted. Here is the link I was referring to:


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Hi Erwin,

I don't think it solves my "problem”. So the question still stands:
(How) is it possible to save a signature, from a customer who just received his goods, in the database so I can print it on his shipping document which he receives shortly afterwards by mail.