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I have a process flow, after saving a new document is opened, here I have indicated that the document should be opened as 'Modal document'. I want to perform some actions in that screen and then close the document. After closing this document I want a new process flow to be started, so I used close document as a starting point. But nothing happens when I close the document.

Can it be true that this process action does not work as a starting point from a modal document?


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@groos This is true indeed. Another customer raised it as a TCP issue already. That issue is for now marked as a change request and it is added to the backlog of the Universal GUI team.

To better determine the priority: could you give an example of the use case you are trying to resolve and how this missing feature is hindering that use case?

As a small side note: according to the feedback on the issue, it should be possible to perform the Close Document Process Action for Modal Documents during the Process Flow:

In the meantime, I found that the close document action works as intended if the document id is passed as a parameter to the close document action. This document id can be retrieved from the output parameters of the open document action. If the close and open actions need to in separate process flows then this will sadly not help much. But if it's possible to model everything in a single process flow this could be a workaround for the time being.

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Arie, thank you for your reaction.

I have two various processflows, the first is after adding a row an other screen in modal document opens. After this, another process flow can be started from a task that performs a number of process actions, after which the modal screen is closed, so he has not actually performed any action. The problem is that the user can also close the model screen itself with the close button, actually I want another process flow to be started that should start another task.