Change detection in default editable list

  • 20 February 2023
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As far as i can see, it seems that auto-edit in grid disables change detection. 

  • I’ve enabled auto refresh (1 second)
  • I’ve enabled Edit and Auto-edit on the Grid
  • I’ve enabled Change detection
  • I’ve confirmed that change detection query works in the windows GUI.

I can see that the change detection is called in developer tools on a record with a detail to an empty subject, but when i change te row to a record which has data in it’s detail tab, the change detection is not called anymore.

Is this something that i’ve modelled wrong, is it a bug or is it something that will be implemented in the future, and if so, when can we expect this to work?


Thanks in advance.





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Can you please report this as a ticket in TCP? This needs to be investigated if this is a bug or not.