Can you open a URL to a new Browser tab from a Task button in Universal ?

  • 22 February 2022
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As the title asks is that possible?

Can I have a custom Task button that opens a URL link on a new browser Tab ?



Best answer by Kasper Reijnders 7 March 2022, 11:50

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3 replies

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That is currently not possible. Feel free to create an Idea for this.

Alternatively you could use a URL field (using control: URL) and show the URL in either a Grid or Form. That way it is clickable and it will open a new tab for the user.

Example URL in Grid

Edit: Arie's suggestion is more elegant for sure :grin:

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Combining it with an HTML field is also an option. We use it for instance to display a clickable LinkedIn icon or a Teams icon instead of the URL itself.

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We were facing a similar issue and solved it by including a html page with a button. My frontend development heart breaks a little by doing this.


Therefore I've raised an idea based on our wishes, please upvote and/or add your idea to it :)