Bluetooth scanner and barcode parameter

  • 25 June 2024
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We use the Universal GUI on Android tablets in combination with a separate Bluetooth scanner that works as a physical keyboard.
As soon as the barcode parameter gets the focus, the on-screen keyboard also comes into view.
The on-screen keyboard takes up so much space that not all task parameters are visible during scanning.


Is it possible to set a task parameter field of the barcode so that it is not seen as an input field for an on-screen keyboard (but other fields are)?


Maybe other developers have found an alternative workaround to deal with a similar situation?


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2 replies

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@Jeroen van Herten We earlier implemented a similar kind of change for the Combo control, see Suppress on-screen keyboard for combo control in Universal | Thinkwise Community ( and Release Notes Release notes Universal GUI 2023.3.12 | Thinkwise Community (

I quickly checked with the Universal GUI team and we could definitely do something similar for the Barcode control. It seems most straightforward to always suppress the keyboard in this case. Could you please raise an issue in TCP for this matter, so we can pick it up as a bug and keep you informed about the progress there?

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Thanks Arie, we have created ticket 9694S. 

Currently we made a work-a-round by using a task with only a combo control field. In the default of the task we execute the code, clear the combo field and put the cursor on the input field so it is ready for the next scan. This works fine in this case because we expect multiple scans in a row.

For cases where only one scan is expected, it would be a bit strange for the user because they still have to press cancel/execute to return. The proposed solution would solve this case too.