Behaviour suggestion contains difference in mobile GUI en Windows GUI

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Has anyone noticed that the behaviour of a lookup with lookup method ‘suggestion contains’ shows a difference in behaviour between the mobile and the windows GUI.

We have a list of services and when I start typing the some letters the mobile GUI shows any result where these pattern shows up with a limit of 5 items.

The windows GUI shows as well results where this pattern exists but the resultset is different.

I have checked the variant and I started the same function in the windwos GUI which is exact the same function we start with the mobile interface.

For example: Search pattern is : IV

Mobile results:

DIVMAT - Diverse hulpmaterialen
DOORBEL - Diverse doorbelastingen
H40205 - Dakplateklem, Universeel
H80102 - ProDrive accuschroevedraaier
IAANH - Aanhangenwagen IV tbv hulpmateriaal

Windows results:
IV - Machinetransporteur
IVALL 2 - Machineheffer 2 ton
IVALL 3 - Machineheffer 3 ton

It seems that the windows GUI makes a resultset preferred on a start with pattern. But if I use another search pattern the resultset shows as well results where the pattern is in the text but not starting with the searchstring. 




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Hello Edwin,

Your observation is accurate that the Windows GUI prefers items that start with ‘IV’ over items which contain the search string in other positions.

The query looks something like this:

select top 8 <name>
from ( <some_look_up_query> )
where <name> like '%IV%'
order by case when <name> like 'IV%' then 0 else 1 end, <name>

I am not aware of particular reasons why this was done differently in the mobile GUI, but I think that (a) the limit was set to 5 because of limited screen space estate, and (b) when this was developed in the mobile GUI, the Indicium predecessor it uses did not expose a sophisticated enough API to handle those kinds of special requests. It is likely that it still doesn’t, as we have focused our development efforts on Indicium instead.

Hope that answers your question.

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Hi Henk, thanks for the answer. Then it’s clear to me and we have to live with it. At least we understand that there is a difference indeed!