Behavior of Card List with touch screen devices

  • 9 February 2024
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It appears that the Universal GUI is programmed to always open the Form when clicking on the record in the card list. Correct?

A form is not always present for a table/screen and in that case you want a specific detail tab to be activated when clicking a record.

I seem to remember that this was possible in the 'old' mobile GUI.

Is this something that is still being worked on or can this already be controlled in some way from the model?


2 replies

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Actually the awnser is ‘it depends’. The only trigger for it jump to the form is if the form goes into edit mode *except when this happens because of default editmode*. If there is no edit, I would expect it to stay on the card list. Other than that, the Universal GUI has less implicit behaviour than the ‘old’ mobile gui.

However you completely control what happens. If you set the executeTaskOnTouch screentype property to ‘true’, a cardlist on a touch device will fire the Double Click Task as defined under menu User Interface > Subjects > tab Default/Variant > tab Links > tab Tasks

This task can be a re-usable dummy task that you use as the starter for a process flow.

Once you have a process flow. You can make the GUI do what you want.

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Hi Sebastiaan,

This is clear and sounds good to me.

We will try this and let you know the outcome.