automagically regenerate the triggers for a view when the view is regenerated

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We have several VIEWs with a trigger attached.
Everytime we add a column to the view or make a small change to the internal query we need to manually remember to also regenerate the triggers for that VIEW.
Is there a way to automate that? 

An error like the ones the user get when a DEFAULT or LAYOUT isn't regenerated would also help a lot. Currently the trigger is just missing causing seemingly mysterious things to happen (the mystery is mostly why they do not happen).


Best answer by Erwin Ekkel 18 May 2022, 11:07

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Currently there is no solution for this. I have created an idea for this in the past feel free to vote there:



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Current way around it is using the Code overview screen and executing your code from there. But in there you cannot alter templates. Erwin's suggestion is a good one.