Auto edit without auto save Universal form

  • 23 January 2023
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When the option “Auto edit” is enabled, detail tabs remain disabled as long the cancel button is not triggered.

I would expect this behavior only in case any field had changed in the form. In universal I would expect one single type of behavior that works smooth under all circumstances. For desktop users and mobile users.

Current version: 2023.1.11

2 replies

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Hi Harm,

I assume you left "auto-save” of in this case?

We hear this question more often. For us this is a doubtable combination of settings from UX perspective.

As a developer you allow the user to directly start typing, but the changes should be saved or canceled manually. It may be feeling strange to the user if the interface blocks itself completely after the first character is typed. For a fast user he/she would probably already be focusing on the active tab page or task button, where the action is blocked while clicking on it.

Long story short, our advice is to enable auto-saving too. Is this an option for you?

Best regards,

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It is not that easy it will also depend on the kind of data.

In case of master data objects the user must always be aware that he/she has made changes to the data. 

At this moment users cannot see whether a form is in edit mode and do not understand why details are disabled.

For now, I think it is better and more clear for users to not enable auto edit and auto save. 

I hope you can find options to make the behavior of the Universal GUI more efficient and intuitive.

Best regards,