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Universal Design: Filtering in the Pivot Table

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Universal Design: Filtering in the Pivot Table

We have a challenge for you!

We are in the midst of designing the Universal GUI version of filtering within the Pivot Table. 
We've made a prototype to let you experience the Universal GUI version of this feature and we would like to hear your opinion.

Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

You will see:

  • A new expandable/collapsable panel, where the user can find the Pivot Table Editor and Pivot Table Filter.
  • Filter Dimension only as a top row drop zone for Dimension Values
  • A new Filter Tab in the expandable/collapsable component to see all used Dimension Values

We give you 3 assignments to go through this prototype:

  1. Use Dimension Value ‘Invoice status’ for the Filter Dimension (this prototype doesn't support Drag and Drop, clicking on the element is enough).
  2. Set the filter of ‘Invoice Status’ to only ‘Paid’ (clicking on any checkbox will directly set this filter correctly for this prototype) 
    Set the filter of ‘Sub project’ to ExcludeBraggs apts’ from the data 
  3. Reset ‘Sub project’ with the RESET button.
    Set filter ‘Invoice status’ so that all checkboxes are checked (again, clicking one checkbox in this prototype activates them all again)
    Set ‘Sub project’ to Include the value ‘Boardwalk center’ in the data

Click here to open the Prototype.

Use password ‘pivot filter’ to access the design.
Use ‘R’ to restart from the beginning of the prototype if you are stuck.



Looks great, and I'm curious when we can test it in real life.

What I do notice is that you can only see the values of include/exclude when you click the include/exclude button, making it impossible to see at a glance which records are active and which are not.

I like the new filter, it uses way less space than, for example, a filterform 😄
If this design makes it to release, I’d love to be able to set the default opened menu to either:

  • Editor
  • Filter

Also I’d like to be able set if the panel should be automatically expanded yes/no.

Will the columns available for filtering be linked to the filter settings of the subject (like with the filterform)?

The collapsible setting/filters are great. It would be even better if it encapsulates the cube/graph.. so you can change the settings while looking at the graph as well. 


The ability to collapse and expand the editor panel is already a big improvement.