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Release notes Windows GUI & Web GUI (2021.3.11)

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Release notes Windows GUI & Web GUI (2021.3.11)

Hello everyone,

in this sprint we have improved the autorefresh functionality for the Windows GUI.

You can read the GUI user manual to read about the Windows and Web GUI's features. We will keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.




Support for IAM/Software Factory 2019.2 expired

The support for the Thinkwise Platform version 2019.2 has expired. Please update IAM and the Software Factory to at least version 2020.1 to use this version of the Windows and Web GUI.


Autorefresh disabled when a grid or tree is in multiselection (Windows GUI)

From now on, autorefresh is disabled when a user selects more than one row in a grid or tree.

Before this change, when the screen refreshed, the selection would reset to only the active row. That made it almost impossible to execute tasks based on multiple row selection.
Now, autorefresh pauses for as long as the user has multiple rows selected, and thus multiple row task execution can be used.




The new Maps feature supported in the Windows and Web GUI

The new Maps feature in the Software Factory (version 2021.3), including its settings, is now supported in the Windows and Web GUI.


New application setting (Windows GUI)

We added a new application setting: oauthredirecturi. You can use this setting to change the standard OAuth connector redirect uri (http://localhost/oauth-callback).


Minor tasks and fixes

  • Windows GUI: a bug with an empty task output in combination with indicium has been fixed.