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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2022.2.17)

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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2022.2.17)

Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we discontinued the Azure Web GUI, since the regular Web GUI can be used instead. We also fixed some issues.

You can read more about the Windows and Web GUI's features, in the GUI user manual. We will keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.




Azure Web GUI discontinued

We have stopped releasing the Azure Web GUI as it is no longer necessary.

This GUI was introduced because Azure could not handle Crystal Report DLLs, even if the application did not use them. In the Azure Web GUI, these DLLs were removed.

Now, the regular Web GUI works fine in Azure environments, so a separate GUI is no longer necessary.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • Windows GUI Web GUI We have fixed a bug in the Write file process action. If your Write mode was 'Append file', you selected an encoding type, and set Write preamble to 'yes', the GUI would try to add the encoding to an existing file. Even if that file already contained a preamble. This would corrupt the file. Now, the GUI will check if a file exists. If it does, it will not add a preamble.
  • Windows GUI Web GUI The stroke component in SVG icons was not correctly recolored in relation to its context color. This has been fixed. Now, SVG icons with strokes are displayed as expected.
  • Windows GUI Web GUI We also solved a problem with the value of currentcolor for the stroke color of SVG icons.
  • Windows GUI In the Scheduler, the 'timeline' view type was enabled by default if only one type was available in the settings, even if this was, for example, 'day view' or 'full week view'. Now the view type setting is used correctly.
  • Windows GUI An error occurred if you cleared a search filter without search results. This has been fixed.