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Release notes Indicium (2022.1.20)

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Release notes Indicium (2022.1.20)

Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we changed the message on the logout page to show the user's first and last name, and you can now remove the 'Stay signed in' option on the Indicium login page. Furthermore, we are working hard on features for the upcoming 2022.2 Thinkwise platform release and features that take multiple sprints to build.

You can read more about Indicium's features in the Indicium user manual .

We will keep you updated regularly about Indicium's progress.

Contents of this release

Indicium Universal

Show the user's first and last name when logging out

When a user was logged in, the Indicium landing and logout page showed a message like:

"You are logged in as: <usr_id>".

Since a user ID can be a non-descript GUID or another type of unintelligible identifier, this message has now been changed to:

"You are logged in as: <first_name> <last_name>".

This message is only visible to a user after logging in. For development and testing purposes, the tooltip still shows the user ID. This allows developers to distinguish between different test users, which could all be named "Test Test".

Example of a logout page (fragment)

Remove 'Stay signed in' option on login page

You can remove the 'Stay signed in' option from the Indicium login page by adding the following JSON property to the appsettings.json file.

"LoginOptions": {
"AllowStaySignedIn": false

When the AllowStaySignedIn property (default: true) is set to false, the 'Stay signed in' option is removed. It will also cause the ‘Remember my choice’ option to be removed when there are multiple login options available, for example when OpenID providers are configured.

Hello everyone,

We have released a hotfix for this version of Indicium Universal, which is available for download as version 2022.1.20.1. This hotfix release fixes an issue regarding the redirection of the Universal to Indicium Universal for signing in by means of an OpenID Identity Provider.

If you are using the Universal GUI and you are on Indicium Universal version 2022.1.20.0 and your users are signing in by means of an OpenID Identity Provider, then we recommend updating to Indicium Universal 2022.1.20.1.

Our apologies for any inconvenience caused by this issue.