๐Ÿš€ Platform improvements for week 50

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Hi everyone!

Weโ€™ve released the following platform improvements this week:


SF 2021.2 and up
  • 20221213 - Updated sql_tsf_optimize procedure
    • In the upcoming 2023.1 version of the Software Factory an improvement was implemented in regards to the sql_tsf_optimize procedure. Since this fix has proven to be beneficially for all product versions, it has also been released for all platform versions that are currently supported.

IAM 2022.2

  • 20221212 - Allow rename-self during oidc provisioning
    • For security, all changes to the user during OIDC login are done under the authority of the users' own account. As a general rule, renaming your own account and deleting your own account is not allowed to prevent problems with session consistency - this would require the user to be logged out immediately.ย ย This logic prevented the OIDC provisioning from completing the rename action.ย 
      This has been resolved. Renaming or deleting your own account via the IAM UI is now prevented by disabling the corresponding tasks. Renaming your own account during OIDC login is now allowed.
      This problem could occur when an OIDC claim other than the identifying claim is used as User id in the user mapping. A login where the claim used as User id had changed would cause the user to be renamed in IAM.

Hi Peter, is the improved tsf-optimize procedure also coming to IAM as an official hotfix?