🚀 Platform improvements for week 49

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Hi everyone!

We’ve released the following platform improvements this week:


SF 2021.2 and up

  • 20221207 - Updated delete column task in relation to parent_col
    • Previously when deleting a column from a table, that was also used as the parent column in the tree (Subjects > Components > Tree), the column that it was assigned to as a parent column would also be deleted. Since this was undesirable behavior, this has been updated. When deleting a column that is used as a parent column, this value will simply be emptied on the tree settings of that table. The column which used to have a parent assigned to it will continue to exist and only the parent column is actually deleted.
SF 2022.1 and 2022.2
  • 20221208 - Mismatching parameter count code generation
    • When a template has multiple parameters on a line, the source code generation job in the generation screen will now always generate code with the maximum number of lines based on the available parameters for a line.
      Previously, it would generate the number of lines based on the number of occurrences of the last (alphabetical) parameter.
      This would cause a discrepancy in generated code between the source code generation process and code generated with the functionality screen.
      Generally speaking, parameter count mismatches are erroneous. But when the parameter with fewer occurrences would simply be commented-out, this could cause missing code lines in proper code blocks.
SF 2022.2
  • 20221207 - Updated OpenID provisioning procedure
    • When no tenant can be derived from the claim mapping, the user groups will now correctly be created using the default tenant as configured in the user template.

@Peter Verwijs I noticed that not all Hotfixes that are released during a week are always mentioned in your Community update (this week the OpenID hotfix is missing for example). What is the reason not all of them get mentioned?

I would prefer to be able to read about all Hotfixes in this Community update.

Hi Arie, since this fix was developed with a bit more priority than normal, it sadly didn’t get added to the list of fixes that gets communicated weekly. We’ll be taking steps to make sure that all fixes will get tracked properly. Even edge cases like this one.