🚀 Platform improvements for week 31

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Hi everyone!

We’ve released the following platform improvements this week:

SF 2022.2

  • 20220805 - Resolve index object creation for views
    • When changing the Table type setting for Tables to View, it can occur that a View will have an Index. This situation is incorrect and is validated by the Software Factory. The control procedure that generated the objects for indexes missed a check that resulted in an error when having an index on a View. This has been resolved.

IAM 2021.1 and up

  • 20220802 - Fix for override configurations in copy application

    • When creating an additional application in IAM, based on an already existing application, the option exists to include certain configuration settings when copying the application. Previously this copy action would also include configuration settings that were no longer present in the SF model. This has been resolved by adding a check that will ensure only those settings that still exist are included.
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