🚀 Platform improvements for week 3

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Hi everyone!

We’ve released the following platform improvements this week:


SF 2023.1

  • 20230116 - Subroutine option copying from base models
    • Subroutine options are now limited to a single value per option when importing these option values from a base model. This prevents situations where functions such as tsf_user would have multiple schemabinding options when they are present in more than one base model.
      It is still possible to manually add more than one value for an option - this will be resolved in release 2023.2.
  • 20230116 - Unit test type-output checks
    • The fix 20221228 - Unit test performance improvement could cause Layout and Context output assertions regarding access types to not be included in the results section. This has been resolved. Unit tests for Layout and Context logic will now always store and show the assertions done on access types.
IAM 2023.1
  • 20230118 - Apply user rights to IAM fix
    • The problem where code concerning the assignment of roles to members was missing from the script when executing user rights to the IAM database has been fixed.



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