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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.3.18)

  • 6 January 2022
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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.3.18)
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Hello everyone,

In this sprint, we have changed the background coloring of the out-of-office hours in the Resource Scheduler, and we solved some issues.

You can read more about the Windows and Web GUI's features, in the GUI user manual. We will keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.




Resource Scheduler behavior and background color settings

In the Resource Scheduler, out-of-office hours (8 pm - 6 am) are now disabled. The background color of the corresponding time cells will not be changed anymore. All background color settings can now be defined in the worktime table/view or via the default settings in the Software Factory (menu Projects > Full model > tab Extender properties).


Minor fixes and tasks

  • (Windicium) When the tsf_send_message procedure was triggered to display an error message, this message was displayed correctly, but also an unnecessary second error message (500 Internal Server Error) was displayed. This has been fixed.
  • (Web GUI) In a lookup, values that contained special characters (e.g. a single quote used as an apostrophe) were not shown correctly in the Web GUI. This has been fixed.

4 replies

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Are there more fixes in this release for the Web GUI DevExpress report components (high CPU usage in Azure environments) compared to the 2021.3.17 release?

I read this change in both releases and need to know if there are additional fixes. We encounter this issue at this moment in the 2021.3.15 release and finished testing the 2021.3.17 release.

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Something went wrong when adding the release notes, so we removed the ‘Azure high CPU usage’ release note because this one was already fixed in the previous release. So no additional fixes were made.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Can you explain what the No Crystal Reports version is and why there is a difference wuith the normal version? I can't find anything related to this in the docs/. Also there is no Azure version anymore?



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Hello Hugo,

The (Azure) and (No Crystal Reports) are the same gui's. 
Azure does not support Crystal Reports and even crashes that server when you install the normal gui. (At least this used to be the case when we created the Azure gui). 
We thought the (Azure) annotation could be made more clearly by saying what the actual difference was.
I agree that something in the docs would have cleared this confusion, so i've added it to my to do list.
I also reverted the namechange for now.