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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.3.16)

  • 23 November 2021
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Release notes Windows GUI and Web GUI (2021.3.16)
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Hello everyone,

In this sprint we have updated the DevExpress Report Designer, and we have solved some issues.

You can read more about the Windows and Web GUI's features, in the GUI user manual. We will keep you updated regularly about the Windows and Web GUI's progress.




DevExpress Report Designer updated to Devexpress version 21.1.6 (Windows GUI & Web GUI)

The DevExpress Report Designer has been updated to DevExpress version 21.1.6. Version 1.50 from the Devexpress Report Designer can now be downloaded.


Double-click task support (Windows GUI & Web GUI)

We have added formal double-click task support to the Windows and Web GUIs. This concerns task execution by clicking twice on a row.

The formal setting is available in the menu Processes > Tasks > tab Table tasks > tab Form > checkbox Grid double click. It has been part of the Software Factory since the 2021.2 release, and that release has already upgraded all double-click extenders to the formal model.

Therefore, we no longer support the double-click extenders set in the menu Projects > Full model > Extender. If you have made changes to the double-click extenders since the 2021.2 release, please update the formal model so that all functionality remains the same.


Minor fixes and tasks

  • (Windows GUI) We fixed an issue regarding auto-refresh. Previously, when you had auto-refreshes in child subjects and switched to a new subject, the old auto-refresh would persist. This resulted in unnecessary refreshes that negatively impacted the user experience.
  • (Windows GUI & Web GUI) We have fixed a DevExpress report export bug caused by a missing required DevExpress DLL.


Released as hotfix

  • (Windows GUI) When entering values in the zoom editor of a text field with the Multiline control, the changes were lost when the zoom editor was closed. This has been fixed, and the changes are now also updated in the form field once the zoom editor popup has been closed.

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