Using subflows in Windows Gui

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Hi, please add the subflow functionality to the Windows GUI. As Universal is not an option in the near future for some, it would make the development of reusable ‘blocks’ much easier.

And it will make Thinkwise a more sustainable solution with little means, win win 😀

Hi Tejo,

The idea of having subflows in the Windows GUI is of couse valid. However, subflows are currently system flows in disguise which means only Indicium can handle them. 

We are working hard on connecting the Windows GUI with Indicium (codename: Windicium), which will automatically enable all kinds of awesome functionality that Indicium offers. This includes subflows and many other process actions.

Sadly I can’t give a release date as the development of Windicium is ongoing. Once we know roughly a good estimation, we'll be sure to communicate it.


hi Mark, I understand, but in the 2 years we’ve been developing with Thinkwise, this has been a promise and there is no release date yet.


Hi Tejo,

In the lifecycle policy, we are the expected release date of Q2 2024. That is an indication we are confident in:,Mid%202024

For this idea, we will not be implementing subflows into the Windows GUI as this requires more work than finishing Windicium. Once, we are able to release Windicium, subflows will be included and available out-of-the-box. Little insight, the team started on reworking process flows this and coming sprints. This used to to fully done within the Windows GUI, but will now be orchestrated by Indicium.

Once we have more information, we'll be sure to share with everyone on the Community 😁

I will update the idea status to closed.