Quick entry for reference while adding table columns

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Currently within the Tasks and Reports items a user has the option to quick add a reference (and lookup) by using the task "Create lookup-reference".

This is a good and quick way to set up an additional (parameter) with a lookup. I was wondering why such an option hasn't been added to the "column add screens" within the datamodel modeller. This could really save me a lot of time, when setting up tables that included columns with a lookup reference. Instead of having to go through all the steps: open the design tab, enable both tables and manually draw a reference between both tables, I could simply just run this task. It will automatically add my required columns and set up the reference with the preferred lookup.

Hi Arjan,

The latest version of the Thinkwise Platform provides a task to create look-up references in the Tables overview of the Data model screen. Would this suffice?


Hey Jasper,

This will certainly be of great help. Thank you for setting up this change.