Make IAM application to be started adjustable via ini-file

Related products: Web and Windows GUI

Various 'administrations' are used for our new application (rebuilding a complete ERP system). All data is stored in 1 database. An IAM application is created for each 'administration'.


To prevent user (input) errors, we want to be able to start each IAM application separately, whereby the other IAM applications are not visible.


This problem can be solved by extending the existing INI file for controlling the IAM applications.

We would like an extra parameter to indicate which application (alias) should be started with that specific INI file (running the Windows GUI). Only that application then has to be started and the user must therefore not see the other applications "at the bottom left of the screen".

Something like the 'Model' parameter in the INI file for the SF.


It is then always completely clear to a user in which application (and therefore which administration) they are working.