Have a different lookup for variants

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Sometimes there are things that are linked to a variety of subjects, like relationship that are linked to objects or object_parts or contracts.

Now I have a subject in which I want to use a relationship, but sometimes I would like to add a relationship that is linked to an object and sometimes I want to add a relationship that is linked to a contract. I thought I might use a variant that uses a lookup for relationship for objects in one instant and a lookup for relationships for contracts in the other instant. However the lookup of a variant cannot change and is always the same as was specified in the default.

I would like to be able to assign a different lookup table to a variant.
Hi Mark,

This is something we'd like to provide in the future, this is already on our backlog.

One of the things preventing us from implementing this right away is the way our rights work. The rights on columns are based on the look-ups of the base table.

So when you want access to the look-up column (in your example: relationship) and it would have multiple look-ups in various variants, it wouldn't know which of the look-up tables would need to be available as well (in your example: contract or object).

Requiring all of the look-up tables to be granted is excessive and opens up way more tables than is needed for a role.

To resolve this, we plan to make variants more 'important' to the point where you can perform autorisation on individual variants instead of just the base tables. The column of a specific variant will only require its own specific look-up table to be granted.

This would allow for variants to have look-ups to different tables.

Until that time, views are really the only option.
Hi Anne,

Thanks for your reply. I am glad to know that this is already on your backlog.