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  • 22 February 2019

In IAM it's quite difficult to keep track of new development, especially items that are nested somewhat deep into the application such as prefilters and task parameters. There is a task to make a new table available for a role and all items directly attached to it such as prefilters, table tasks and of course columns which I use frequently. But what this task doesn't do is enable the task parameters of a table task.

I would therefor like a screen in IAM that could produce a list of all table parameters inside an application as a simple overview so it's easy to enable all necessary parameters for each role without having to dive into parameters task by task. I would like a similar list for prefilters, table tasks and possibly a few other items I'm overlooking now.

These views could be part of a menu item similar to the full model screen in SF.

I read that assigning rights to roles will be moved to SF which I think is a great development. I do hope my suggestion here becomes part of the new setup in some form.
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