Filter bar in datamodel design tab table selection list

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When you start working on your project the amount of tables is often not that vast. However as you progress the list of tables and number of tables sharing parts of their name will become a lot bigger. This will make it more difficult to select a specific table or view to display in the datamodel designer, since there is no filter available here.

It would really help having a filter bar on top of the list of tables to display in the datamodel designer.


Hi Arjan,

A fellow Community member had suggested this idea too, and the following reply was given.

It may look easy but this causes implications as the list of Tables and the Diagram are bound to each other. Meaning if you select a visible table in the list of Tables, the diagram will select that Table in the Diagram. If the Table is no longer in that list, upon switching tabs away and then back to the diagram, the table is no longer visible in the Diagram. This can cause for unwanted results and questions so we won't implement that in this Modeler. 

You do can Find using the short key Ctrl+F or typing while having a Table selected to quickly navigate to the Table you intend to find. 

When we are able to support the Software Factory in the Universal GUI, this idea will certainly be taken in consideration. Therefore I will Open the idea but it will not be supported in the Windows GUI.

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If this idea is similar you can transfer my vote to this ticket.


If this idea is similar you can transfer my vote to this ticket.

The idea it was replied on is about a refactor of the way the Data model screen now functions. The idea would like the selected diagram to filter the tables in the Tables detail, meaning the details will only show tables that are currently inside the Diagram. Your idea applies on the list of available tables to include in the Diagram making it different from his idea, hence the Opening of this idea. This way we can independently implement these ideas in the future may these ideas be planned for an upcoming release.